Creative drawing and painting for children

In this course, you will learn different painting and drawing techniques. The aim of the course is to familiarise yourself with a variety of materials and tools through play. Children are encouraged to experience colours and forms by using their imagination. Besides watercolours, gouache and acrylic, we work with carbon, pastel and India ink on large-sized drawing boards or canvas.

Painting and drawing

In this course, you will learn to comprehend space, perspective and form. We draw and paint with various materials on large-sized drawing boards and canvas, which we construct ourselves.

Action painting

This highly dynamic kind of art focuses on colours and music in order to help teenagers to develop a natural access to the creative process. In this painting class, youngsters have the opportunity to express themselves with colours on big canvas. Emphasis is placed on the teenager’s personality and individuality.

Landscape painting

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, we discuss and apply the techniques of landscape painting. Let yourself be inspired by the magnificent nature and capture your impressions on paper.

Realistic painting

Drawing and painting realistic objects will be discussed and applied in groups. We focus on exercises that train  the eye and perception. The aim of the course is to produce pictures of photo-realistic or ‘free- realistic’ quality.